Roaring Springs For The Win

Dated: 06/03/2016

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 It just got hot in Boise! With the temperatures in the 90's everyone is looking for a great way to cool off without having to deal with summer boredom and leaving the kids in front of the tv or computer all day.  Roaring Springs makes a great option. There are lots of great ways to make this excursion cheaper so that you can go a few times throughout the summer. The first way is to go to the local Jackson's food store and buy a few waters. It does 2 things. You will get a discount on admission and you can bring water into the park as long as it is sealed. Food is also can be an expensive add on. Several families opt to bring food in coolers. Roaring Springs is great about letting families in and out. Another great money saver is going to your local thrift stores and looking for older versions of the Roaring Springs mug. The mug (even older versions) can be filled for a lesser rate. Of course if you have a chunk a change the best option is to get the Roaring Springs season pass. If you go five times, you pay for the pass!

Please always remember sun saftey!   Image title

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